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From beginner to professional, our Gold Coast skateboarding lessons are perfect for ages 2-16  

Why settle for Netflix-absorbing babysitters when you don’t have to settle at all?  

Let our world-class skate coaches be the ultimate cheer squad for your kids.  While your little ones have more fun than a monkey loose in a banana field.

Our Gold Coast skateboarding lessons give kids superpowers!


Boosts self-belief!

Powers-up perseverance!

Supercharges social skills!

Obliterates boredom!

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Parent Testimonials

"My son has been going to Rock N Slide skateboarding lessons for over two years now...and he just loves it! The amazing instructors are so positive, kind and encouraging that the kids just love skating and learning from them. Lessons help kids not only with their stakeboarding skills but also teach them how to encourage their mates, how to give things a go and how to step out of their comfort zone. I couldn’t recommend Rock N Slide more highly it has been amazing watching my son’s skateboarding progress and that of his skateboarding mates." 

Amanda Dixon

"Our son Bowie has been skating with the Rock N Slide crew for about 11months now! He’s built so much confidence with group and private lessons and learnt some pretty gnarly tricks! Above all I think Bowie loves the awesome happy vibes that the coaches have at every lesson..his love for AC/DC, high socks, the words “Siiiiick” & “yewwww”  are just all part of it too!
Bowie requested a Rock N Slide party for his recent 5th Birthday and Jesse made his day amazing and very memorable for him! 
Highly recommend the Rock N Slide Crew"

Emma North